Hi There! I just wanted to inform you that in the upcoming 24 hours the site is undergoing
the well-needed maintenance.
As with all updates and things there can be some minor issues when using the site, so we'll keep you posted as we go.

Thanks for your understanding and patience!
AnonImage News
Site Update #9
24-01-2017 00:00

My apologies for the down-time lately! We had an argument with a provider.
Long story short: We fixed it. And going to change providers soon.
Then afterwards, something weird with permissions got screwed - fixed that too.
Everything is back working like it should!

Also, Happy New Year!
Site Update #8
30-08-2016 00:00

Alright! I've added and updated this section.
From now on all the news regarding the site will be posted here.

Also, Anonimage.net is currently looking into setting up a new .onion address and moving itself onto the TOR network.
This will bring some changes, some of which are currently being researched. For instance the use of javascripts and css frameworks for usability and the probable deletion of advertisements.
More info on this soon!
Site Update #7
15-07-2016 00:00

Migration will be done tomorrow (16-07).
Site will remain online and will keep yall posted.
Site Update #6
13-07-2016 00:00

We are Ready to Rumble!
All the preparations are completed and we are ready to begin the migration.
At 00:00 GMT+1 the site will be unavailable due to this process. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for the patience and understanding!
Site Update #5
21-06-2016 00:00

I am happy to inform that AnonImage.net is moving!
Today we are going to switch servers to something more stable with much more space so we can accomodate all your image storing needs.
Due to this there might be some downtime over the day (But we'll keep this as short as possible!).
Site Update #4
09-06-2014 00:00

I think I finally found the big problem.
Setting up a new server as I write this.

Sorry for the still ongoing inconvenience!
Site Update #3
06-06-2014 00:00

As you might have noticed, the upload system might behave strangely.
This is because I'm working on a new way of encrypting the uploaded data.
I won't lie, it is a bit harder then I thought, but as all demanding things.. definitely worth it.
All the current images are still viewable.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience and I will inform you on the progress.
New .Onion Domain!
03-06-2014 00:00

AnonImage has a new .onion domain name!
This will be the main address, so don't forget to update your bookmarks.
The other one: http://nokstdjukstasyjg.onion/ will still be used as 2nd domain.
Site Update #2
03-06-2014 00:00

Just a quick update:
AnonImage now has a News page, for all the site related news.
And 1 image had to be deleted. Reason: CP.

Also, working out some small security things.
Site Update #1
02-06-2014 00:00

Been busy the last couple of hours. Result: Nifty new features!
  • Added galleries - can now upload multiple images into a gallery.
  • Galleries can be private!
  • Added 1 rule: NO CP!

And so far no individual filesize limit for uploads, for a total of 100mb.
AnonImage Online!
01-06-2014 00:00

AnonImage is Online!